Ancient Sardinia Tour in May 2019 | Pyramids, Megaliths and Giants | Megalithomania

ANCIENT SARDINIA TOUR, May 17th – 25th 2019. Details here:
Sardinia is rich in megalithic culture and featured in a popular ‘Ancient Aliens’ (History Channel) episode. Hugh Newman was part of the show and is delighted to host a unique tour to the ‘Island of the Giants’. Hugh is the author of Earth Grids (2008), Stone Circles (2017), and co-author of Giants On Record (2015). He will be joined by local experts Arianna Mendo and Enrico Gelain to explore the mighty nuraghe towers, Giant’s Tombs, dolmens, hypogeum Carved stone chambers, holy wells, giant statues of Mont’e Prama, cart ruts, archaeological museums, Europe’s oldest Pyramid, and much more.

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