Julian Richards: Stonehenge, The Story So Far | FULL LECTURE | Megalithomania

Stonehenge- even after centuries of investigation, continues to fascinate and generate countless theories about who built it, how was it built and, perhaps the most intriguing – why was it built? I this talk archaeologist Julian Richards will trace the development of our current understanding of Stonehenge, introducing some of the latest archaeological ideas and suggesting ways in which future research might answer some of our questions. Just don’t expect all the answers.

Julian is an archaeologist who has been involved with research on Stonehenge and its landscape for over 35 years. The author of the current Stonehenge guide book (and the ‘Pop Up Stonehenge’) he may be familiar as the presenter of BBC’s ‘Meet the Ancestors’. His exhibition ‘Wish you were here’ is currently on display at the Stonehenge Visitor Centre and he is planning Britain’s biggest stone moving experiment for 2017.

Filmed at Megalithomanis, Glastonbury, in May 2016.
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