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Join us on Patreon: Aké (meaning ‘Place of the Reeds’) is a unique site constructed of megalithic stones by the Maya east of Merida in the Yucatan of Mexico. It dates to as far back as 300 BC, but is now thought to be much older. It peaked around 600 AD. It has a huge platform with columns similar to Chichen Itza and Tula, as well as menhirs and sacred roads called Sacbe’s. The nearby village was built over the site including the Church and a Hacienda. There is also a carving of a glyph meaning “to conjure clouds, storms and winds’ suggesting a magical incantation similar to the ‘Sowers of Thunders’, themes associated with giants in Britain. Hugh explores various parts of the site revealing it was not only built with gigantic stones, but was connected by a 300 KM long Sacbe between Ti’hu (Merida), Izamal and the Caribbean Coast. Includes exclusive aerial footage. Part 2 (coming soon) explores the church which was built on a pyramid, the Hacienda and the village revealing more ruins, as well as the sacbe that leads into the jungle towards Izamal, another major Maya site that will feature in an upcoming video.

Look out for news of our tour to Megalithic Mexico in early 2022. Details coming soon…

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