Temple of the Snake | The Mysterious Ch’uka Pirka Megalithic Complex in Bolivia | Megalithomania

Join us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/megalithomania. Exploration of the rarely visited Ch’uka Pirka site at Santiago de Ojje next to Lake Titicaca. The lithic figure of the Colossus of the great snake Tupac Katari stands again. This effigy is the most important piece of the Ch’uku Pirka archaeological complex, a 2000 year old megalithic site that now is partly submerged in the lake. It is made up of more than 50 carved stone pieces, whose weights range between one and four tons, which were part of four-meter-high walls, forming a rectangular fortress with a surface area of ​​one hectare. The stones are mainly made of dense red sandstone, from the Desaguadero and Guaqui quarries, worked with a realistic sculptural style. There is a direct alignment between the serpent effigy and the Southern Cross during the four seasons of the year, making the fortress an astronomical observatory. Likewise, the snake effigy represents the myth of the great serpent or katari, who would travel the river of stars in search of a place to found a sacred city and turn itself to stone, a cosmogony typical of several cultures of the region. Legend also states that tunnels connect up with another island, Tiwanaku and even Cuzco. The site was visited by the Megalithomania tour group in November 2017. Includes exclusive aerial footage

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