The Bible, the Aliens, the Comic Part 2- Mauro Biglino

Ia bibbia, gli alieni, il fumetto

Working from the original Hebrew texts and by focusing on the literal meaning without applying personal interpretation or religious influence Mauro Biglino reveals a world far removed from religious dogma. Here we find evidence of beings from other planets, clear references to alien craft and devices built using technologies not known at the time. The author has not set out to destroy people’s faith, and does not profess to be an atheist or a ufologist. But he has set out to question many of our certainties backed up by centuries of doctrine, and to open our minds to a world that many will find both fascinating but also at times challenging.

Conferenza pubblica di Mauro Biglino a Lugano. Organizzata da Uchronia Edizioni di Fabio Romiti di . Data: 25 ottobre 2015. Luogo: Università della Svizzera italiana. Produzione video di Flavio Bos

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