The Giants’ Tombs of Ancient Sardinia pt. 2 | Coddu Vecchiu & Li Lolghi | Megalithomania

Explore ancient Sardinia in May 2019 with Megalithomania. Details here: Watch part one here: <a href="" target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”> Hugh Newman investigates the enigmatic Giants’ Tombs in Sardinia that date to the Bronze Age. Coddu Vecchiu & Li Lolghi are located near Arzachena, north of Olbia. They have a curved forecourt and ‘tablet’ shaped entrance stone with a hole at the bottom. Most of them face to the east or southeast suggesting equinox and winter solstice alignments. Others face to the Taurus constellation which is significant as they are all shaped like a bull’s head. In 1901 a 9ft skeleton was found in one of the tombs in Sardinia and more have been unearthed since then. Over 300 Giants’ Tombs have been recorded and are thought to have been built by the Nuragic Culture from around 1800 BC.

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