The Mysterious Sheela-Na-Gigs – Meghan Rice Megalithomania Interview

Watch the full lecture here: See Meghan’s profile at: – An exclusive interview with researcher Meghan Rice, who holds an MA in Early Modern History (King’s College London) with a concentration in Irish and British history. Her undergraduate dissertation was on sheela-na-gigs, a topic she still avidly pursues, while her MA dissertation discussed why the Tudor English characterised the Irish during that period as ‘pagan’. She also works as a ‘doula’, helping women and couples to have a more rewarding and empowering birth experience, with images of sheela-na-gigs acting as one of the many visualisation tools she employs in this role.

Filmed & Edited by Jonathan Adams, Hugh Newman & Gary King
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Produced by Hugh Newman –
Directed by Jonathan Adams –

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