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Trethevy Quoit (pronounced Tre-thee-vee Qw-oy-t) is a huge dolmen in Cornwall and is thought, in legend, to be the home of a giant. It is a ‘portal dolmen’ that is made up of five standing stones holding up a massive capstone at the top weighing over 20 tons. It is located in St Cleer, close to Bodmin Moor and the Hurlets Stone Circles. The hole carved in the capstone is a mystery. Was it used for astronomical observations, or was it a ‘soul hole’ where the soul of the dead would travel through to reach the stars? Its overall appearance has changed little since 1598 when it was described as being “a little howse raysed of mightie stones, standing on a little hill within a fielde.” However, at some point the giant capstone slid off and is still there today. Includes exclusive aerial footage.

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