Yuri Leitch | Megaliths and Mysteries of the Channel Islands UK | FULL LECTURE | Megalithomania

A non-stop introduction to the esoteric mysteries and megaliths of the Channel Islands (UK); incorporating – Neanderthal caves; dolmens and menhirs; spectral black hounds; Puck and White Ladies; sacred springs and Druid Circles stolen from Jersey and rebuilt in Oxfordshire and many other sites.

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Yuri Leitch is a Glastonbury-based artist, writer and Psychic Quester. For many years he has researched the life and intrigues of the mystical sculptor, Katharine Maltwood, famous for her discovery of the Temple of the Stars (Glastonbury Zodiac). He is a major contributor to the book – The Signs and Secrets of the Glastonbury Zodiac (2013) and authored The Terrestrial Alignments of Katharine Maltwood and Dion Fortune (2018). http://www.yurileitch.co.uk/

Filmed at Megalithomania in May 2016. Copyright Megalithomania 2016/2018. All rights Reserved.

Artwork by https://www.peterknightartjersey.co.uk/

Copyright Megalithomania 2018. All Rights Reserved.
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