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In the 1930s, occultists, Katherine Maltwood (discoverer of the Glastonbury Zodiac) and Dion Fortune (author of many books on the occult) promoted aspects of the Triangle of Michael – Glastonbury Tor, St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall, and Mont St Michel in France. Each of these places belonged to the Benedictine order of monks who appear to have had knowledge of ‘lines of power’ across the landscape of the British Isles and Europe. The three sides of this huge triangle project onwards creating ‘the Great Dragon Line’, The Michael Line (from Cornwall to the Norfolk coast); the Michael Apollo Line (down through classical Europe); and the Celtic, Lugh Line, that runs from the western isles of Scotland, through France and into the Pyrenees.

Yuri Leitch is a Glastonbury-based artist, writer and Psychic Quester. For many years he has researched the life and intrigues of the mystical sculptor, Katharine Maltwood, famous for her discovery of the Temple of the Stars (Glastonbury Zodiac). He is a major contributor to the book – The Signs and Secrets of the Glastonbury Zodiac (2013).

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